Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I thought about wearing a bra today, then decided to just...not.

Naturally and undeniably sexy.

So I don't know if this is just a me thing or if many women just get to a certain age where they get sick of being bound up all day, but I am really kind of over conventional bras. Are you?

I remember the early days when I was elated just to be able fit into a bra with an actual cup. And padding? Hello, of course I want it. Have you seen these things? No? Exactly. Padding please. And then you go through high school and maybe you're just trying to look good in your clothes. In college you have to push everything up to be able to compete with 3500 other beautiful women strutting in and out of CEOs and Office Hoes parties (if you went to my school 95% of girls could be Victoria's Secret Angels). I used to think my mom was weird for preferring bras without lining, but here I am 22 and I'd prefer as little as possible when it comes to the suffocation of my chest. 

Ok have you ever fallen asleep in your bra and wake up feeling so uncomfortable that you just wanna rip it off and sleep topless despite the fact that you're sleeping on the couch at your boyfriend's parents' house? It makes you a little angry, doesn't it? And sleeping without a bra feels like heaven in comparison right?

Now there are lots of bras that feel less constricting. Bras without lining, without underwire, sports bras,  bandeaus. If you're like me then they might make you look a lot like you did when you first got a training bra, but it feels different. It used to matter how big your boobs were, but it doesn't anymore. 

It can be liberating to celebrate the realness of your body over trying to match a standard of hotness based on fiction. My boyfriend nobly resents bras for altering a woman's true shape, and I'm sure a lot of dudes would agree. 

Kinda cool...

Maybe a little too much...

Ooo chic.

How cute is she.
She was asking for a nip slip in this shirt.

Cool. Comfy. Casual.

Maybe save that for the bedroom, Lil.
Classic and effortless.


Too sheer? Still kinda cute though.

Cute. Sexy.

Maybe it makes you feel self-conscious at first to leave everything hanging out for the world to see. Going braless can be uncomfortable depending on what you're wearing and how much you've got goin' on there, but it can also be incredibly freeing. There's a way to go about doing it without being that lady. What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Candidates and Women

Incumbent President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney have very polarized views on a variety of women's issues. Know them before you vote and see how their plans will affect you.


When prompted, "Women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, on average. How would you close the wage gap?" the governor responded, "My focus as president will be on ensuring that we have an education system in which every American can realize his or her full potential and an economy in which every American can pursue a successful career. This statistic is misleading, because it ignores the different choices that individuals make about their careers—including what professions to pursue and whether to take time out from the labor force to raise children." -Mitt Romney ( Mitt Romney refused to say whether or not he would have signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law, and Paul Ryan voted against it. (


When prompted, "Women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, on average. How would you close the wage gap?" the president responded, "You can't just say you're for fair pay; you have to fight for it. Women are nearly half of this country's workforce. In fact, women are 80 percent of my household, counting my mother-in-law, which I always do. The first bill I signed was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which helps women fight back when they're paid less than men. And I keep pushing for the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help stop pay discrimination before it starts." -Barack Obama (


"I am committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act, beginning on my first day in office. It is a job killer that makes our health care system worse, not better. Right now, the cost of coverage is too high. We need to encourage innovation and create the conditions for a thriving, market-based health care system that will bring down costs and ensure that every American, regardless of health care needs, can find quality, affordable coverage." -Mitt Romney ( 

"The Supreme Court's decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act allows us to reaffirm that no illness or accident should lead to any family's financial ruin. Obamacare blocks insurance companies from arbitrarily capping or canceling coverage. It will stop insurance companies from charging women more than men for the same coverage. And it means young adults can stay on their parents' plans until they turn 26." - Barack Obama ( President Obama is putting an end to the health insurance company practice of charging women more than men for the same coverage. (

To see more about Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, visit


"As a proud father of five, I understand the joy and responsibility that accompany becoming a parent. As president, I will work to promote a culture that respects life. I believe that taxpayer funds shouldn't support groups that provide abortion services. And although birth control should remain widely accessible, I fully support the right of organizations to exercise their religious liberty when it comes to providing contraception services." - Mitt Romney (

"Planned Parenthood is an important provider of health care services, and I will continue to fight efforts to block its funding. But the organization can't do it alone, which is why I signed the Affordable Care Act into law. A woman's health should not depend on where she works or how much money she makes. This law ensures that women will have access to birth control and other preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs." -Barack Obama (
Churches, synagogues, mosques and other institutions whose primary purpose is to propagate faith are exempt from the mandate. But when the administration sought to impose the requirement on religious nonprofits serving the public, it triggered a backlash. That forced President Barack Obama himself to offer a compromise: insurers, not the religious employers would bear the responsibility. (


Opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest or risk to the woman’s life. Previously supported abortion access. Says state law should guide abortion rights, and Roe v. Wade should be reversed by a future Supreme Court ruling. ( To see more, visit
President Obama believes a woman’s health care choices are personal decisions, best made with her doctor—without interference from politicians. (


The values that Mitt Romney learned in his home have enriched his life immeasurably. With his parents’ example before him, he married, had five sons, and now basks in the joy of eighteen grandchildren.

Marriage is more than a personally rewarding social custom. It is also critical for the well-being of a civilization. That is why it is so important to preserve traditional marriage – the joining together of one man and one woman. As president, Mitt will not only appoint an Attorney General who will defend the Defense of Marriage Act – a bipartisan law passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton – but he will also champion a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.  (
President Obama was the first sitting president to publicly announce his support for marriage for same-sex couples, and has always believed LGBT Americans should be treated fairly and equally. President Obama endorsed the Respect for Marriage Act, signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and extended hospital visitation and medical decision-making rights to LGBT couples. (

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Woman in Charge: Hillary Clinton

Today I went to the library because I wanted to learn about some amazing, powerful, and benevolent female leaders of past and present. I settled on Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton. (Expect lots of wise quotes and inspiration to come!)

Well, it just so happens that it was Hill's 65 th b-day on Friday! Check out how The Huffington Post celebrated this incredible human being. It's a must-read, especially if you're not up to delving through one of her many long biographies.

Hillary Clinton's Birthday: 65 Reasons To Love Her On Her 65th - The Huffington Post

1,000 Pageviews in 20 Days! THANK YOU!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Red", Taylor Swift

By: Tracey Lincoln

First thing’s first, platinum country artist, and 2010 BMI’s album of the year, Taylor Swift has out done herself, yet again. Her fourth album, “Red”, released Monday, October 27th , 2012, is brilliant! Her way with words is astounding, and this album proves to be no different.

So, I know that typical album reviews are more general, but I think that I owe it to T. Swift to breakdown all of her songs. So here we go:

The album opener, "State of Grace", is upbeat. I think of it as her “I’m excited about our future” song. Beautifully, she describes her boy toy as her “Achilles Heel”. This song just makes you feel good. With ballads such as “Treacherous”, “All Too Well” and new single, “Begin Again” describe so many emotions that I have felt at one point in time, and I know others have as well. I had to listen to, "The Last Time" twice. This song is not so Taylor-like, but I think that’s what makes it great. Still, she found a way to give it come country twang.

The title track, "Red", speaks for women everywhere. For goodness sakes, at one point she says, “touching him was like, realizing that all you ever wanted was right there in front of you”…that’s EPIC! In her acknowledgments on the cover booklet, Taylor describes being in love as seeing red. Kind of makes you think…

"I Knew You Were Trouble" is one of my favorites! There is a lot of speculation about this song…who could it be about? John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal? Who knows! This jam is delightfully bubbly. I’m declaring this now…new anthem! Speaking of anthems, "22" speaks to my soul. “We’re happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. It’ miserable and magical, ooooo yeah”…EXACTLY! I’m loving how much my friends I can relate to this song. After all, it’s not all about 21 year olds!

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Four words: Anthem. For. The. Soul. When I first heard this, I was instantly hooked. This is what I call a “you better recognize” classic. In "I Almost Do", swift writes “It takes everything in me not to call you.” How many times have you wanted to tell them this? Again, T. Swift gets us. Effortlessly, her ballads speak to our souls. “I Almost Do” articulates an incredibly touching feeling. I love the guitar melodies in, "Stay Stay Stay". Again, her lyricism demonstrates her ability to relate and appeal to her fans. She says, “It’s been occurring to me that I would like to hang out with you for my whole life”. Blunt and simple, but to the point, and I completely understand where she’s coming from. Do you?

Along with other tracks, Taylor Swift’s “Red”, proved to fans that she’s just like them! As one of our generations most relatable artists, her writing warrants her fans to get lost in the melodies, and to contemplate their own situations.

10 Things I Learned From!

1. When baking cookies, take them out when the edges are brown but "an area about 1-inch wide in the center is still pale."
2. Quinoa is a complete protein, possessing all 8 essential amino acids.
3. Gala and Golden Delicious apples are good for smooth applesauce, while Honeycrisps are better when trying to make chunky applesauce.
4. "Pepita" is a Spanish culinary word for pumpkin seed.
5. Pepitas are an abundant source of many nutrients, which include "amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids [including Omega-3], and minerals such as calcium, potassium, niacin, and phosphorus. They are also high in most of the B vitamins and vitamins C, D, E, and K."
6. Edamame is a great source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and isoflavones.
7. "Eating a diet rich in antioxidant foods can help strengthen your immune system, reduce your risk of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases."
8. "Isoflavones can help reduce your risk of prostate or breast cancer, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease."
9. Quinoa is gluten-free!
10. How to cook quinoa --> .

Monday, October 22, 2012

Feel Strong and Kick-Ass!

As an alternative to running, I've been doing kickboxing workouts as my cardio. Kickboxing is one of my favorite workouts because it makes you feel super strong and invincible. Sometimes if I have a male instructor I like to imagine that he makes a move on me after class,  and when I tell him I have a boyfriend he says, "What's that got to do with me?" and I kick his cocky butt. (I really hate when guys say that.) Kickboxing is very empowering.

It also makes your butt super perky, which might just be my #1 fitness goal, I don't know about you.

If you've never tried kickboxing before, this video gives you an intro on some of the key moves.

This is like an 8-minute workout if you don't know if you can commit to anything longer. These girls are kind of cute too.

This is a good guy to imagine kicking in the face. Also a good full-length workout.

Try it!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to Live a Sexier Life by The Sexiest Woman I Know

Georgi Jacobs is the single sexiest woman I know in real life. I once said to my good friend, Tracey Lincoln, after Georgi taught us the choreography from Beyoncé's "Dance for You" music video, "That girl has sex eyes." Tracey didn't know what I was talking about, but I think you know what I mean. Just looking at her is one thing in itself, but seeing her dance just tops it off. It's undeniable that her sense of sexiness comes from deep within. I figured we could all stand to learn a thing or two...

If you don’t love yourself, who will?

The sexiest women I know are not Victoria’s Secret models or Miss Americas. They
are confident women who know their self worth and make a conscious effort to
remind themselves just that everyday. Being sexy is not about wearing tight clothes
and a push up bra. It comes from inside of you. Women who exude sexiness, love
themselves, flaws and all. Here is a list of tips to live a more beautiful, confident, and
sexy life!

1. Every morning, say out loud five things you love about yourself.
2. Give yourself a cheat day. Once a week, eat something you love that you
never eat. It could be chocolate covered strawberries, pizza, fondue, or a
banana split.
3. Whip out your sexy underwear on a random day. Even if you don’t plan on
showing off your lacy thong, just knowing that you have it on will make you
feel sexier all day!
4. Make a playlist of all songs that make you feel sexy. Listen to it throughout
the week to remind yourself of that feeling.
5. Have random dance parties either by yourself or with your best girlfriend.
6. Set the mood. Light candles and play music in your room before you go to
sleep alone.
7. Lip sync your favorite songs in the mirror to yourself
8. Find your “go to outfit” that makes you feel your best and make sure you
have a few of those items in your closet. They will be your saviors on the days
where you aren’t feeling your best.
9. Do something by yourself every once in a while. Go to a movie or dinner
alone. It’s empowering to enjoy things by yourself.
10. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. Remove all
negative energy from your life. If someone is not providing you with positive
energy, you don’t need them!

-Georgi Jacobs

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something Simple by Ashley Pistole

I swear I am just surrounded by amazing women. One of my best friends, Ashley Pistole, just launched a new blog -- and thank God. Ashley just happens to be an incredible cook AND a Food and Nutritional Sciences major, sooooo lucky for us she is willing to share some of her brilliance to get us over our mac 'n cheese out the box slump. (I'm looking at you, Katie Kinney!)

Here's what Ashley's all about:

"I know first hand how difficult it can be to create and cook healthy meals when you have a busy life. My goal is to share simple and healthy recipes using wholesome ingredients. I also know what it is to live on a budget so I will try my best to use a limited amount of ingredients. Being healthy is all about balance and allowing yourself to break the rules occasionally. So from time to time I will also share treats as well. I want to inspire people to take the time out of their busy schedules and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Be healthy, be fit, be happy."

Check her out at!

P.S. And for the record, I have never tasted anything made by Ashley that I didn't dream about directly after. You are always safe when it's tried and tested by Ashley. =]

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Get Your Head in the Game"

By: Tracey Lincoln

It’s that time of year again ladies- the interweaving of the NBA, NFL and MLB seasons!
I, personally, am a sports fanatic, but for those of you who aren’t, I strongly suggest you open your mind up to what watching pro sports can do for you social life. This is the time a year in which bars are brimming with eligible bachelors! Sure, their attention may be on the game, but when you and your girls walk into the bar, and cheer for a team, their attention will shift…trust me.
Guys who are into sports love girls that share this interest. Now, if you really can’t stand watching games, then by all means, don’t force yourself to watch something for the sake of staking out a possible suitor. All I’m suggesting is that you open up to the idea. Also, you may be surprised by how much fun you’ll have. There’s something about joining in with strangers to cheer for one of Kobe Bryant’s buzzer beaters, or in some cases high fiving the cute 6 foot redskins fan after Arian Foster runs it in for a touchdown ;)
Still aren’t convinced? I asked some of my guy friends what they thought of women who are into sports, and most of them gave me the same reply, “turn on”. So try it once, who knows, you may just enjoy it.

Strong Women Can Run Half Marathons!

On Sunday, October 14th, my friend Flo (aka Lexie Dorn) ran a half marathon in the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco. The Marathon benefitted the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and funded research to "find cures and more effective treatment for blood cancer patients."(

I asked my hero of the week a couple questions:

Me: What made you decide to run this race on Sunday?
Flo: I have always wanted to do some sort of race like this. I decided on New Years Eve that instead of making a New Years Resolution, I was going to make a "New Years Goal." That goal was to run a 1/2 marathon sometime in 2012. I saw the sign up for this race and couldn't pass it up!

Me: How did you feel afterward?
Flo: Afterward, I felt accomplished, proud, and inspired by all the other people running it. There were so many runners who were doing this race for much more intimate reasons than I was (cancer survivors, friends of cancer patients, etc). I even saw a woman doing the race on crutches!) It was really amazing. I also thought it was an incredible concept how in everyday life, women can often be very catty with each other... but then 28,000 of them can come together for an event and cheer each other on to the finish line like I've never seen before. Aside from all that, I felt very sweaty and sore.

Me: Do you have any future goals?
Flo: To run another 1/2 marathon! I want to beat my time from this race and get my friends to do one with me next time. I hope I can inspire other women to run a race like this, it was truly a great experience and supports a great cause. I hear people say they "could never run 13.1 miles," but it really comes down to mind over matter. If you tell yourself you can, you can... and what do you have to lose?!

When I see women I know pushing themselves and coming out with smiles on their faces, it inspires me. Traditionally, I don't even like running (it's hard and makes my butt too small), but I'm gonna try to run a mile tomorrow.

Congratulations, Flo! Keep hitting the pavement and kicking ass in all aspects of life. 

"Countdown to Touchdown"

Oh YES, get excited! 25 minutes ago, Beyonce just announced the
"Countdown to Touchdown".

Monday, October 15, 2012

Warning Signs of Abuse

First: Go to and learn about Dating Violence 101. also gives us some warning signs to help you try to detect when it might be happening to a friend:

1. When your friend and her boyfriend are together, he calls her names or puts her down in front of other people.
2. He acts extremely jealous when she talks to other boys, even when it is completely innocent.
3. She apologizes for his behavior and makes excuses for him.
4. She frequently cancels plans at the last minute for reasons that sound untrue.
5. He's always checking up on her, calling or paging her, and demanding to know where she has been and who she has been with.
6. You've seen him lose his temper, maybe even break or hit things when he's mad.
7. She seems worried about upsetting him or making him angry.
8. She is giving up things that used to be important to her, such as spending time with friends or other activities.
9. Her weight, appearance or grades have changed dramatically. These could be signs of depression, which could indicate abuse.
10. She has injuries she can't explain, or the explanations she gives don't make sense.

Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You

The book I am currently reading is Beautiful Brain, Beautiful You by Dr. Marie Pasinski. It is all about how taking care of your mind and body will reflect on the outside, capturing the true essence of beauty.

For the next couple weeks, I will be featuring many of her concepts in this guide to true beauty. She includes these seven steps:

1. Indulge in the New
2. Rev Up Your Social Life
3. Mind Your Body
4. Go for the Glow!
5. Make Over Your Mind
6. The Smart Diet
7. Beautify Your Brain Rhythms

I would encourage you to grab a copy of this book (I got mine at Whole Foods) because she covers so much important information that I wouldn't be able to cover unless I copied her book verbatim.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where the Heart Is

Exhausted from the week and looking for a movie to snuggle in bed with? Where the Heart Is is a good one for you this weekend. This movie is about the kind of strong that only women can be. Watch it.

"Novalee Nation is a pregnant 17-year-old from Tennessee heading to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack, but is abandoned by him at a Wal-Mart store in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. Novalee has no job, no skills and only $5.55 in her pocket, so she secretly lives in the Wal-Mart until her daughter Americus is born six weeks later. Novalee decides to raise her daughter and rebuild her life in Sequoyah, with the help of eccentric but kind strangers. Based on the best-selling novel by Billie Letts. " ~Stephen Hughes

Available on Netflix.

No Bra Day

So I've heard around town that today is National No Bra Day, although Huffington Post among other sources said it was July 9th. Regardless, I bet you we all missed it.

Let's do it today. I think most of us have grown pretty fond of bras, if for no other reason then it being just one thing working in our favor against dudes not listening to the words coming out of our mouths.

But today, let's feel free about our femininity! Let's also make it an excuse to talk about periods, masturbation, and the extent to which we'd take our girl crushes if the opportunity arose.


Friday, October 12, 2012

In the Words of Taylor...

"Be that strong girl that everyone knew would make it through the worst. Be that fearless girl, the one who would dare to do anything. Be that independent girl who didn’t need a man. Be that girl who never backed down.” -- Taylor Swift

Save Yourself From Unhealthy Relationships

Earlier this week I asked our Facebook group to describe what they thought were signs of an unhealthy relationship. This is a question that I know I have struggled with in the past, largely because most of the time I didn't even consider it, and then when I tried it was too hard to distinguish what was healthy between what love had sucked me into.

It is essential that we all know what is unacceptable in any relationship in which we exist. Countless years have been wasted between all of us, I'm sure, enduring something we never should have. We need to know what to look out for, telling indicators that express to us to get the hell out before it's too late. And while, it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and I'll discuss those warning signs elsewhere, unproductive, unsatisfying, and unloving relationships should be avoided and dismissed early on. Let's save ourselves some trouble and as much of our precious time, energy, and all of the beauty we have within ourselves for a relationship that deserves it.

Kyle Oddis wrote these words in response:

"Unhealthy relationships happen when one or both partners no longer feel as though they are valued. Healthy, strong relationships should encourage both people to be their best selves, and allow for open and honest communication. Relationships become unhealthy when one partner feels as though they don't matter enough to the other person to be a priority, not just an option. Both partners should be proud to be with one another, and respectful and considerate in all areas of the relationship. 

Perhaps most importantly, actions speak louder than words. You can say anything you want to a person behind closed doors... you can be anything to someone in the bedroom when other eyes aren't on you, but healthy relationships manifest kindness and love in EVERY situation, not just in those private moments. 

A woman should be strong enough to realize when this kind of respect no longer exists, or when her partner becomes complacent. At that point, it's time to talk and try to work things out...but if they can't be reconciled or if one partner is not willing to put in work on equal footing, a strong woman has to have enough dignity to walk, as hard as that might be. We should always be made to feel beautiful and that we are a priority; to quote John Mayer, 'Love ain't a thing, love is a verb.' And one of my favorite quotes of all time, which applies very well to this particular issue, we must always remember that 'we accept the love we think we deserve.' 

If you are not being made to feel important, if your self-confidence isn't enhanced, and if you cease to grow as a person or the relationship stops moving forward, ask yourself what it is you think you truly deserve. If you don't feel you are being treated the way you should be treated (and if you are doing everything you can to make your partner feel loved and valued), then the relationship is probably unhealthy, and it requires some serious and deep assessment.

Your man should know what he has, and fight to keep it and make you feel appreciated. If he doesn't, you've got to find a way to love yourself, and everything follows from there."

I'll admit that I have stayed in relationships far too long because I knew I was doing my part, and I thought that if it was really love than eventually I'd get everything back in return. I should've left after the first time I addressed it and the problem wasn't solved. I should've left when I first knew for a fact that I wasn't truly appreciated or respected. Love cannot be a band-aid to a disease. Evaluate your situation. Minor incidents that have been improved upon are a positive sign.

I used to think that every relationship had its issues, and no one was always satisfied. I used to think that everybody fought constantly, and that one person always had to sacrifice more. I used to think it was impossible for someone to be respectful, appreciative, considerate, trusting, trustworthy, affectionate, and loving all of the time or even 80% of the time. I was wrong. (And I actually found a good one!)

My new rule: If you ever feel like someone could treat you better, it's because they can, and if they can't then someone will. You can get what you deserve. I know you might think they (guys especially) are all full of crap, but I'm here to tell you that you don't have to settle. You never have to and never should settle! Someone good enough for you is out there. Do not waste your time on someone who's not good enough...even if you love them.

ONE MORE THING: Do not get into a relationship with anyone if you are not right with yourself. If you are insecure and need them to make you feel good about yourself, it will be an unhealthy relationship. If you don't know who you are and you depend on them to define you, it will be an unhealthy relationship. Love yourself before you love anyone else.

A couple other links about unhealthy relationships:

Angels We Miss So Dearly

Please do not try to act like you don't like you don't love this. Even if you're Jewish, you find yourself dancing around H&M during the Holidays when they play this song. If you're anything like me (and I know you are because we both have boobs and ovaries and find it hard to admit that we think the fact that the guy/girl we like isn't calling us is the reason we are stuck in bed with a cold), then Holiday music makes you happy any time of the year. Without question, this song. I miss the time when I thought Lance Bass would wink at me if he ever saw me one day...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I Wish I Was Beyoncé - Reason #1

Um. Can you do that? I can't, and I've been trying for a very long time. Can you say strong? All hail Queen Bey. Something to strive toward, ladies. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More TwelveSeventeen Comin' Atcha

Wassup y'all. So I strongly advised you to check out my girl Samantha Galletly's new line of jewelry on Etsy. The smart, cute, and curious ones all heeded my advice, and I respect that. Guess what. Even morreeeee beautiful, quality, handmade (in America no less) goodies for you to enjoy tonight.

SOME INSIDER JUICE: I asked Sami why she chose to name her line "TwelveSeventeen." She responded, "Hahah well 17 is the age that I feel and automatically say when someone asks how old I am. And twelve is the number I ALWAYS use when I'm exaggerating." Are you that creative?

TwelveSeventeen. Where it's at.

Domestic Violence Awareness -

You knew that October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but did you also know that it's Domestic Violence Awareness Month? What do you know about abuse? Likelihood is that it affects someone you know. Did you know that:

  • Every 9 seconds in the US a woman is assaulted or beaten.
  • Around the world, at least one in every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. Most often, the abuser is a member of her own family.
  • Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women—more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined.
  • Studies suggest that up to 10 million children witness some form of domestic violence annually.
  • Nearly 1 in 5 teenage girls who have been in a relationship said a boyfriend threatened violence or self-harm if presented with a breakup.
  • Everyday in the US, more than three women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends.
  • Ninety-two percent of women surveyed listed reducing domestic violence and sexual assault as their top concern.
  • Domestic violence victims lose nearly 8 million days of paid work per year in the US alone—the equivalent of 32,000 full-time jobs.
  • Based on reports from 10 countries, between 55 percent and 95 percent of women who had been physically abused by their partners had never contacted non-governmental organizations, shelters, or the police for help.
  • The costs of intimate partner violence in the US alone exceed $5.8 billion per year: $4.1 billion are for direct medical and health care services, while productivity losses account for nearly $1.8 billion.
  • Men who as children witnessed their parents’ domestic violence were twice as likely to abuse their own wives than sons of nonviolent parents.